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Through consultation with key role players in the industry, as well as the Concerts SA Advisory Panel, Concerts SA has selected a network of partner venues and promoters based in the three provinces in which the programme operates.

Our funding support with these partners is based on a subsidy model which includes support towards technical hire, publicity and promotion, supplementing musicians’ fees, transport costs, and co-ordination fees.

The final selection of supported projects is made by the Concerts SA Project Team and is based on the track record of the professionals involved, quality of the proposal, and its alignment with the programme’s overall objectives. Current partner venues showcase varied styles of music, including jazz-oriented sounds, ‘world music’, afro-jazz fusion, hip hop, folk, and indigenous/traditional music.

Artists are encouraged to contact our partner venues and promoters directly for inclusion in the local and provincial circuit programme (click here for the partner list). Partners in turn submit proposals to the Concerts SA Project Team. The selection of artists performing at Concerts SA subsidised events is collectively made through consultation between venues, promoters and the Project Team, with the weighting of selection balanced in favour of venue owners who know their clientele.

Music professionals are welcome to submit applications directly to Concerts SA for the Music Mobility Fund, a fund for national and regional (SADC) touring.  Applications are to be submitted only in response to a callout by Concerts SA in the media.

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Concerts SA Music Venues Map

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